My Jones Superior Bandsaw Project


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On this page I will put information on the 20 inch Jones Superior bandsaw I purchased and am in the midst of restoring. The project has been a good bit of work so far, and I nearly have it done. I just need to put some casters under the back so that I can move it, and also to put a motor and pulley system on. So I've taken several years to get around to these last bits of the project just because I can never seem to finish one project before getting engrossed in the next. Maybe this summer . . .

I found it at a garage sale for $100 delivered. It was supposed to have been used on the Burlington Railroad before being purchased by the people having the sale. It needed work, but at the price it seemed like a deal. Especially when the owners agreed to load it on a trailor and bring it home for me. Bolted to a large iron base, it weighed a lot.

Upon taking it apart, I found that the moving part that holds the top hum was broken. The original appeared to have been made of pot metal and to have failed under pressure from the blade. I found out about a source of new manufacture Jones parts, but this part cost more than $400. I decided to mill, drill and ream a new part of aluminum. I procured a cutoff from Then I went to work using the mill my father had made. Here is a photo of the finished part:

You can see from these comparative photos that the old part and the new part have different shapes, despite being functional duplicates:

Here are a couple of shots of it installed:

2001, 2009