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This page contains links to some of the projects I have made over the years. Sad to say there aren't more of them, but recently a good bit of my surplus energy has gone into the restoration/renovation of our house. There are some links to a couple of the house related projects on my Oldhouse page listed in the sidebar.

My first serious woodworking was the result of making a dulcimer for a friend. From there I went on to build myself an electric guitar and then an acoustic. Along the way I built my workbench, and more recently I have been working on a second workbench from a scavanged top purchased at auction. Pictures of these, along with pictures of some boxes I have made as presents for friends are viewable through the links at the side-bar. I've also added a link to my oldhouse page where there is information about our restoration work on the house, and to my timberframe cabin pages which document the cabin I'm building in the Rockies.

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