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A Spiers infill smooth plane.


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Ohio Tool workbenches & vises catalogue excerpt.

Ohio Tool Wooden Planes catalogue excerpt.

Atkins Saw Catalogue.

Goodell Pratt Drills catalogue excerpt.

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This page contains links to old tool related information that is located here on this website, along with some references to related info on other pages. For information on old tools not at this website I have created a page of links to those other sites that you will find on the side-bar. All the information included here is reproduced for nonprofit educational purpses only. Any trademarks or logos are the property of the trademark owner, and are protected by law.

My first bit of information is a reprint of an old Ohio Tools catalogue page listing vices that they had for sale. View Ohio Catalogue pages on workbenches & vises.

Ohio Tools also made a number of moulding planes. To view a section of their early 1900s catalogue listing those planes click here. The information may be of use either if you are interested in common wooden moulding planes, or if you want help remembering the names of different moulding profiles.

I'm putting some excerpts from a catalogue of the E. C. Atkins & Co. saw manufacturers here . Included are some photos and descriptions of their saws, as well as information on sharpening.

I've reproduced sections of an old Goodell Pratt catalogue related to hand drills, in particular breast-drills and handcrank drills. Pretty soon I'll add some sections relating to regular eggbeater drills, but at this point I have completed the section on breastdrills. You'll find the link in the sidebar.

All catalogue reproductions on these pages are for non-profit educational use only. All logos remain property of the owners and are protected by law.