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My Father's Milling Machine.

My Jones Superior Bandsaw project.

My Yates & Yates American equipment.

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My father was a mechanical engineer who immigrated from Holland to Canada and then the United States in the early 1950s. He spent a good deal of his spare time using woodowrking and metalworking machinery. He built some of it himself, including the milling machine displayed here. As a result, I got to play with some machines (the ones he thought were not too dangerous) from a relatively early age. Even though my interest in handtool woodworking has grown a lot since that time, and I don't any longer think I need a machine to do much of the woodworking I like to do, I do admire old machinery and sometimes use it. And for metalwork, I find it impossible to do without.

On this page I will put links to machinery I enjoy playing with, either because it is old and classic, or because it was my dad's, or both. Right now I only have a couple of links here, but this will change over time.

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